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How to Prepare for SSC Scientific Assistant IMD

How to Prepare SSC Scientific Assistant IMD Exam 2017 || Preparation Tips for SSC Scientific Assistant for all Branches

SSC Scientific Assistant is indeed a hot topic this year. After official notification eligibility and Paper 2 pattern chaos were everywhere, now students are confused regarding how do they study. In this article we will give some tips regarding  how to prepare SSC Scientific Assistant

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In 2011 exam was subjective and paper was difficult, but this year exam will be MCQ type. Here are the tips how to prepare ssc scientific assistant exam

  1. If you are B Tech and preparing for the exam first thing you’ve to do is to boycott yourself from eligibility discussions. Social media is full of eligibility discussion that is pointless and waste of time at this moment. Until you won’t clear your mind with the eligibility issue, Trust me you won’t gonna do any better. If you are three years degree holder you are good to go.
  2. There are 2 sections of Exam, First is Non-technical which consists of 100 questions (25 from each section Quantitative Aptitude, Logical Reasoning, General Awareness and English). This is the section where you can score good marks in less time. To improve this section practice with SSC CGL Practice Test. This section is very much similar to SSC CGL Tier 1 test pattern. To attempt it you can buy any CGL Tier 1 Test package from here.
  3. For Technical section, you need to focus on theory and data based conceptual questions. You’ve to practice numerical also but your main focus should be on theory based and data based questions. Practice small questions, 2 or 3 steps only in numerical. Remember There are 200 questions in 120 minutes so they won’t ask time-consuming questions which required tedious calculation.
  4. Practice SSC JE , DMRC, DRDO previous year papers.
  5. To clear your concept solve 2011 paper. That paper was subjective but full of concepts. Solving 2011 paper will revise your whole syllabus, It worth your time in solving. If you are facing problem to solve 2011 papers than you can download it from here. Study the solution, It will clear your concepts.
  6. After all these, buy test series of Scientific Assistant for practice. Keep in mind, If you won’t practice the full-length test series of 200 questions in 120 minutes you will face problem in exam. Topic wise test are good for studying but to give your preparation final touch you’ve to attempt 120 minutes full length test series of 200 questions. Best test series of IMD Scientific assistant is provided by Onlinesetpractice. Attempt the test and review your test after submission, discuss it with your friends and learn from your mistakes.
  7. To accomplish all tasks you’ve to make deadline for all subjects. Instead of making big target create small milestones. To achieve big target you need to set small milestones. Make your weekly deadline for few chapters and try to finish it within that weekly deadline. The key benefit of small deadline is if you missed any deadline than you’ve nest week to recover it. When you miss deadline you’ll feel sorry and to recover it you’ll put extra effort on next week that’s a good thing. But if you’ll set a target like you’ll finish syllabus by end of October than you’ll start panicking when your deadline will come. Because you don’t have extra month to recover it. So make weekly milestone.
  8. Last tips of Engineers. Its not your Semester Exam that you can finish in last night study. You’ve to get it in period.

All the best !!

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  1. I am a bsc graduate with computer science background Thankyou so much , you increase my confident level high. 1. Non techinical 2. computer science preparation started well so .

  2. I want to ask one thing that in technical section questions will be mixed or this sectional is optional (means individual) CS based question in the paper of student who applied for CS category? Clear my doubt.

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